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Property taxes are overdue

Published 6:58pm Friday, March 14, 2014

The deadline to pay property taxes and business personal property taxes to the county Revenue Department passed with the New Year, but there are still more than 500 county residents who have yet to pay up.

County Revenue Commissioner Linda Harris is giving those taxpayers “one last shoutout” before their oversight is published for all the community to see.

“We just want to get the word out there,” Harris said. “We’ve been calling and reminding them, but things happen and life goes crazy sometimes. They may have forgotten.”

All ad valorem taxes were due to the Tallapoosa County Revenue Office by Dec. 31, 2013. But Harris said there are about 580 taxpayers who’ve yet to pay around $280,000 in assessed ad valorem taxes. On March 21 — next Friday — anyone still on the department’s naughty list will have their names and amounts owed published in The Outlook, she said, and be charged another $52 for publication costs in addition to the late fees and interest already assessed.

It will be advertised for three consecutive weeks in The Outlook before the annual tax sale May 16. If the property is sold at that point, redeeming ownership of the property will be costly and even more cumbersome than in previous years.

Harris said an Alabama Supreme Court ruling has added step in the redemption of property sold by the county to cover unpaid taxes. The revenue office now requires a notarized document be signed by both the original property owner and the individual that purchased it in the tax sale, “to certify you don’t own them any additional money.”

The tax sale purchaser, she said, might want the bill for any improvements they made to the property covered before signing off.

“It’s a very awkward step to have to go through before you can redeem your property,” she said, noting there’s also the old requirement of paying all back taxes, fees and penalties. “That’s why I’m still hunting and pecking around to get these folks in before it’s too late.”

Taxes can be paid at