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Good pups in need of a good home

Published 7:57pm Thursday, February 27, 2014

Seven and a half years ago, my Brittanys – Luke and Belle – had a litter of seven pups. I kept one, Snoopy, and the others went to homes around Alexander City and beyond.

Two of the sisters – Lucy and Maggie – moved across Circle Drive to the home of Don Jenkins.

Most of the pups belong to hunters. And all that do have inherited Luke’s great nose – I once stepped 75 times between the spot Luke first pointed and the pheasant that he smelled. It was in perfect conditions and a strong wind in Kansas. The only thing I’ve been able to smell that far away was Hardin’s Bakery, which was across the street from the practice field at Tuscaloosa High School. And it was a whole bakery.

I got Luke from Coach Terry Burt, at the time the head football coach at Elmore County High School. Coach Burt, who died last year, was a wonderful man who raised bird dogs and hunted quail in his spare time. He had white hair, a kind grandfatherly manner and often smoked a pipe when he was hunting.

After retiring from football, he worked as a guide at Five Star Plantation for a number of years. He loved his dogs,  and it shows in my dogs now.

The point is, for most of the past 20 years, I’ve been associated with this line of Brittany. Both Snoop and Luke slept on the foot of my bed at night. Both are excellent bird dogs. In the next year or so, I intend to breed Snoop and keep the line going.

Two weeks ago, Don Jenkins lost his life in a tragic shooting that has been reported on the front page of this newspaper. Don’s son, Dee, asked if I would help find a home for the two Brittanys he left behind, Lucy and Maggie, Snoopy’s sisters.

I’ve been looking after them for more than a week.

I took both of them hunting this weekend and both did fine, though Lucy was slower, more methodical and maybe a touch hard of hearing while Maggie was more high-powered and active. Both found and pointed birds on their own when we had a total of five dogs on the ground at the same time.

And that brings me to the point of this column: I’m looking for a home for two Brittanys. Both are auburn (rusty orange) and white. Both lived in kennels most of their lives but seem to be house broken … at least I can happily report that there have been no accidents in my house to-date.

Both have up-to-date vaccinations and have been checked out by a vet in the past week.

Lucy doesn’t seem to like other female dogs that much, but is fine with male dogs and people. She hasn’t gotten into any dog fights, but she growled at my female lab a couple of times (I growl at her too, sometimes).

Lucy walks well on a leash and is unusually quiet and peaceful for a Brittany. She’s overweight and needs to cut back on the kibbles. I think she would make a great housedog for somebody who wanted to hunt every now and then.

Maggie is more gregarious. She gets along with every dog and everybody, and she’s a lot more active. She sometimes pulls on a leash and is strong enough that she needs a fit owner to walk her. She would need a place to run regularly,  and I bet she would hunt as long as anybody wanted to hunt. According to the GPS tracker we had on her when we hunted this weekend, she ran 14 miles in three hours she still had some gas in the tank when we stopped.

Both these dogs are very affectionate and love to be petted.

Lucy and Maggie are free to a good home. By good home, I mean folks who care about their dogs and want a companion as well as a hunting dog.

If you’re interested, please give me a call at 256-750-3200.

Boone is publisher of The Outlook.