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FCC request to monitor news service absurd

Published 6:07pm Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Dear Editor,
The FCC announcement that it will request permission to monitor news service operations struck me as very polite. I doubt if the National Socialist Party in Germany made a similar request to monitor their nation’s broadcast services in the 1930s. There is no doubt whatsoever that when the Communist government installed a commissar to monitor news services in Russia and its subject nations no one bothered to make a request at all.
The end results of attempting to deny permissions are very different. The FCC, if denied permission to monitor could or (and it would not surprise me) would deny an extension of the broadcaster’s license. This is much less sever than the Nazi or Communist action that denied the media owners their freedom and/or lives.
The end result is the same, and in the perpetrator’s mind justifies the means. Denying the license renewal and transference of the license to a more suitable, ideologically compatible broadcaster has the same result. Dictating to a timid or terrorized group of hacks (not journalists) will have the same result if they fear for their jobs instead of their lives.
The fact that the FOURTH ESTATE has not jumped as one to their feet and denounced this attempt to muzle them is not disturbing – IT IS TERRIFYING! Earlier attempts by the current administration to “monitor” Fox News and Associated Press were ignored or laughed at. I am sure Germans, Russias, and those later dominated by their rulers also laughed at one time.
John W. Caldwell, DVM