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Common core is not the path to improvement

Published 6:06pm Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Dear Editor,
Dr Bice: Please don’t take for granted that your own self delusion about Common Core is matched by the acceptance and approval of the informed citizens of our city, county and state. Education in our state could certainly use some improvement, but Common Core is definitely not the way to do it.
Other grand schemes such as “no child left behind” and calls for dumping billions of dollars into the educational system have not left us with a superior educational system. In fact, comparing what a typical 8th grader in the 1940′s knew with the same grade student today would make you despair for our educational system.
The “big box” schools and nationally standardized programs have dumbed down our students and have produced citizens who have no sense of history, have never read(much less understand)our Constitution, and enter college with the highest remedial math and English needs of any reported generation.
Let’s get back to what worked before–small community schools with dedicated teachers who know their students and the students’ families. We don’t need to buy computers for students. We really don’t need to teach them how to use them. Technology is easily learned by the young. Most kids can use a computer before kindergarten. It is classical knowledge that needs to be imparted in an intimate and personal environment that will save our next generation’s education.
Oh, and one more thing–historically, God has always been in the American classroom. Many of the old “readers” were based on biblical stories. There is no reason to exclude God now.
Billy Sellers
Alexander City