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A shameful state of affairs

Published 6:15pm Monday, February 24, 2014

Dear Editor,
I am sure anyone who has read the Outlook over the last couple weeks has seen the controversy going on in the Tallapoosa Republican party regarding qualifying  Republican candidates  for the primary leading up to the general election in November. I have tried to be active member of this party for close to five years now. Being a Christian Conservative felt the Republican Party was where I need to devote my resources. My participation has been on and off due to the leadership or the lack thereof.
Of the problems plaguing the party currently the qualifying of candidates for the primary is the worst. To help control the influx of Democrats switching to the Republican party a rules committee was set up to develop standards for new Democrats coming into the party. Those rules were voted on and approved for use by the executive committee. Those rules were blatantly disregarded during the selection process for candidates for the primary . Not only were the rules disregarded  a challenge was made concerning the breach in the rules and the challenger was ignored. The current leadership has caused the local republican party to appear as a laughing stock. The only way to salvage any credibility for the Tallapoosa Republican party at this time is for the chairperson (Denise Bates) and the vice chair (John Prophitt) to resign. There will be an executive committee meeting tomorrow evening to correct some of the problems created by the leadership. I hope someone on the executive committee, for the good of the party demands the resignation of Denise Bates and John Prophitt. A general meeting or as the leadership likes to call them a social event will be held in Macon County at Elmer’s restaurant on Thursday evening.
As of this morning a time for this meeting has yet been posted. For the good of the party and for all conservatives a leadership change is necessary. Maybe then the Republican party can regain the public’s confidence. I hope the Outlook monitors the  meetings to be held this week and reports to the public.
Thank you
Woody Baird
 De Opresso Liber