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America in danger of losing national sovereignity

Published 6:37pm Friday, January 24, 2014

Dear Editor,

More and more people are waking up to the danger of us, Americans, losing our Constitution and Bill of Rights and surrendering our national sovereignty to the United Nations.

Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon is pushing us to sign on to more UN treaties such as Agenda 21. It has been accepted by every president since George H.W. Bush to Barack Obama. It is already in effect on the local level and every time we — the city, county or state — take more money from the federal government we are agreeing to more control by the UN.

It is simply a means of preventing us from owning private property or taking what we already have.

The TPP, the Trans Pacific Partnership, would give companies the ability to sue nations if they threaten to reduce the companies’ profits. It would prevent us from advertising “Buy American” or “Buy Local.” Drugs would become more expensive for us and those still under patent would not be available to third-world nations. Our use of the Internet would be strictly regulated.

The same effect we had from NAFTA, sending our jobs overseas, would also accompany the TPP and TIPP.

Common Core is one of the hot issues in the state at the moment, as well as the Second Amendment “gun rights” issue where, if we have to comply, our registrations would be turned over to the UN. Common Core is the educational curriculum that will make our children more willing to accept the loss of our Constitution and Bill of Rights.

Not only are President Obama’s and Bill Gates’s children not in schools where Common Core is used, but the elite schools on both the east and west coasts will not be using the same SAT or ACT test that will admit children to four-year universities.

Why are our children being readied for entry-level jobs at McDonalds, but their children are readied for law, medical, science and business administration schools where they will be prepared for professions?

Of course Ban Ki-Moon is pushing for us to sign on to these treaties, but the real danger is from our government.

We are being betrayed by those who swore to uphold the Constitution!

These people need to be relieved of their job and replaced in 2014 by those who will uphold our Constitution! When questioned, we need to listen to these candidates’ answers very carefully.

Thank you.

I.J. Mobley