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The death of reason

Published 9:23pm Thursday, January 23, 2014

Dear Editor,
We are witnessing the DEATH of REASON. In years past as a nation and culture, we understood that each person was an individual and each person was different from the next.
We understood that people were different and that they responded in different ways to the same action. This understanding made us more tolerant and more flexible in our interactions with others.
We did not expect everyone to live up to the highest expectations by performing at the highest level in all areas, but we understood that each person has strengths and weaknesses and that these will be manifest in a person’s life skills and performances. We were more forgiving of weaknesses and more encouraged by a singular strength.
Today, we live in a world in which standardization is the rule. Our society is ruled by templates, not thinking. Protocols supersede logic. “No child left behind” and “Common Core” have replaced the compassion, understanding, and passion of the classroom teacher.
National standardized tests determine success and opportunities for advancement and higher education. “National Standards” and medical protocols have replaced contemplative thought, innovative ideas, and compassion in medicine.
Electronic medical records with rigid templates have replaced the prose medical record. We are often forced to talk to computers or answer machines instead the human beings to which we were previously accustomed.
Society in general is more regimented and less diverse than in years past. We all are expected and sometimes commanded to march to the same drummer.
God and Christianity have been quietly written out of our public lives and replaced by a utilitarian behavioral ritual of obedience to the almighty dollar and the almighty federal government.
The very institution which has formed the backbone of our moral structure has been diluted and emasculated in the name of fairness and tolerance.
Alien and threatening philosophies and religions have been given preference over our traditional religions in our schools and in our governmental activities.
I can remember my mother asking me after I did or said something really stupid, “have you lost your mind?”. This seems appropriate today to ask of our country and our citizens, “have you lost your mind?”
God has given us a brain with which to think and reason. No man or organization has the right to take that privilege away.
Billy Sellers
Alexander City

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