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City to hold meeting about recent canine incidents, attacks

Published 7:27pm Friday, January 17, 2014

A string of recent dog attacks in the area of Ridgeway Drive has continued into this week, and the city is looking to address the issue.

The city will host a meeting regarding the dog attacks Tuesday at 2 p.m. upstairs in the conference room at city hall.

Alexander City Police and Animal Control will be in attendance, and residents will be able to ask questions regarding the recent incidents.

“We’re going to have this meeting for the dog owner and the citizens, especially from that street on Ridgeway Drive, to know that we want a safe city,” said Mayor Charles Shaw. “We want it to be a city where people can walk through and jog through and be safe. We just need to address the issue with the dogs.”

The incidents began when a female victim was jogging along the 300 block of Ridgeway Drive when the dogs attacked her on New Year’s Day. The victim was bitten in four places and had to be transported to Russell Medical Center for treatment of puncture wounds and a lacertaion.

The dogs were described by police as two blonde and one black mixed breed dogs and were apprehended by animal control before being released back to the owner.

Another dog attack occurred Jan. 10 when two dogs attacked a woman at The Arbor near First United Methodist Church and an Alexander City police officer was forced to shoot one of them when it charged him as well.

The woman received “minor puncture wounds” when she was attacked near 1 p.m. Friday.

Residents have continued to have problems with the dogs in the area, as Cesar Valle said he encounter the dogs while jogging on Thursday, but was able to ward off the attack.

“Normally I jog in that area, and I always had the dogs bark at me, but this time they came running after me,” Valle said. “The way it happened was I running around Washington Street, and I was going over the hill where the house is. The dog saw me and ran after me. I stopped and tried to not move to see if the dog was going to go back, but it started getting closer and closer. I went into the bushes and got a stick.”

Valle described two brown dogs and one black dog that he said was “actually more dangerous.”

Chad Wendling said he has had trouble with two brown dogs and one black dog near Ridgeway Drive on more than a couple occasions, with the most recent incident happening this past Sunday.

“On three separate occasions I’ve been chased by those dogs. Two of the times, two of the dogs came out, and one time only one of the dogs came out after me,” Wendling said. “They came in the road, and I had to stop and turn around and kick them to get them back, but they didn’t bite me.”

  • Char Aznable

    The solution is clear. All dogs need to be fenced in period. It should be a real physical fence. Invisible fences don’t work. The city should also allow six foot high fences. Right now I believe you are limited to 4′ unless it’s behind the home.

  • bamaboy65

    I have an idea also. I agree that owners need to keep their dogs leashed or fenced for the publics protection from the dog as well as the dog’s protection from the public. It is the owners responsibility to care for their pets. To add to what gundam stated I also believe that the people “jogging” around the city streets really need to use the “running tracks” CACC for example, for runners and not the “city streets” for automobiles. I have witnessed to many times these runners who think it is their right to run in traffic “who shouldn’t be there” and show no respect for the people in the automobiles “for which the street is there for”. Will we charge the runner who causes an accident because a driver swerves to miss them or charge the driver who hits the runner because they did not see the runner who did not stop for traffic. What do you think would happen if a bunch of cars were seen driving around the running track at CACC? EXACTLY! Automobiles do not belong on the running track, runners do not belong on the city streets and owners need to keep their pets safe from the public.

  • My2Cents

    Why would you just ignore the fact that your dogs are out attacking people? I love my animals but in this case, they should be put down before they attack again. Regardless of where these people are jogging, they should never have to fear dog attacks. And the dog “owners” should be prosecuted! You may be free to own vicious animals, but you are NOT free from the consequences of your choice.