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Top moments from the final season of BCS

Published 10:26am Thursday, January 16, 2014

Turn out the Bowl Championship Series lights, as the party is mercifully over.  The BCS era ended and so did the stranglehold the Southeastern Conference had on the entire event.
For most of the college football nation, it was more of a three-ring circus with multiple sideshows.  Unfortunately, there were never multiple choices in play when the final dust settled. It was one SEC team and the survivor of the remaining 111 FBS teams.
I will not milquetoast this or soften the script, not one bit. The last 16 BCS seasons have been nothing more than a black hole.
To be perfectly honest, the BCS has never been fair nor has it ever made sense, but the college football fan is fickle so if their team (fill in the blank) was invited to the party, then it was all good and of course, they were all in.
2013 was a year of the unexpected, the absurd and the insane. Things happened that – only if you witnessed them – would make a bit of sense. Here are a few of the interesting highlights of the past season.
The shark bites, with his teeth, babe: Mack Brown got knifed. After 16 years, Mack Brown was fired, released or asked to resign as the head coach of the Texas Longhorns. You decide. Charlie Strong is the new head coach and I will predict this: in three years, Texas will be looking for its next head coach.
Johnny, don’t go: We now say goodbye to Johnny Manziel, the college football version of the elusive butterfly. I remember playing keep away as a kid, I am just glad I never had to chase “Johnny Football.” Like him or not, you will miss him.
“Sparty” beats Smarty: The Big Ten Conference got back some much needed respect after their win over Stanford in the 100th edition of the Rose Bowl game. Michigan State (12-1) won its first Rose Bowl since 1988 and finished a respectable No. 3 in the final Associated Press media poll.
No parking in the loading and unloading zone: Lane Kiffin will never watch the movie Casablanca, and Oct. 29 will go down as the best airport scene since that famous scene with Humphrey Bogart.
In the wee hours of the morning, shortly after the USC Trojans arrived at the Los Angeles International Airport, USC athletic director Pat Haden told Lane Kiffin he needed to talk to him, to not get on the bus, then motioned to the driver to pull away.
I believe Haden gave Kiffin cab fare money, but I am not sure.
In baseball terms, Kiffin is 0-3, and I have no doubt he will draw the collar and go 0-4.
“Bubble Screen Lane” is now the offensive coordinator for (gulp) Alabama.  I am constantly reminded how Nicky does not make mistakes, how great he is and well, you know, he walks on water.
Yes, Saban is a great coach but in time, Lane will find a way to torpedo the head coach who gave him another chance. Saban will never know what hit him.
If 79 percent of the USC alumni wanted Kiffin fired before the 2013 season, what makes you think this guy will change?
Furthermore, he was overrated as an offensive coordinator while with USC. In actuality, Norm Chow and Steve Sarkisian were making most of the offensive decisions.
Thanks for the tip: Let’s face the facts, the tipped-deflected Hail Mary 73-yard pass to Ricardo Lewis against Georgia was the real story for Auburn this year. That set up the Iron Bowl final-second win over Alabama, which was by far, the best team in the nation that did not play in the BCS title game.
Saban is nicked: Saban’s decision to kick a 57-yard field goal told me he was not confident they could win in overtime.
Saban is a by-the-book coach, so take nothing away from Auburn and head coach Gus Malzahn on that final play. Chris Davis was put back there to return the kick, and the Bama staff did not respond.
There are exciting times ahead unless you are from the Sun Belt Conference or the Bowl.
We finally got rid of the fantastically flawed BCS and now we enter the era of the four-team playoff (that will be eight-teams within a few years), but we need to thank the system  and the Rose Bowl for giving us one the most memorable title games ever. Florida State outlasted Auburn and won by a field goal, but both teams deserved to be called champions.
Until next time …
Meyers is a sports columnist for The Outlook. You can follow him on Twitter at @brucemeyers11.