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Magazine publications worthy of praise

Published 5:26pm Monday, January 13, 2014

Dear Editor,
Two things:  first, in Janet Sexton’s Over the Top Cheesecake (Lake Martin Living, Nov. 2013) she specifies for the crust, 20 chocolate sandwich cookies. Does she mean a vanilla (or otherwise light) cookie with a chocolate center, or does she mean a chocolate cookie with a white cream center?
I opted for the latter and the crust turned out resembling a World War II rubber inner tube.  Please ask Ms. Sexton to contact me with specific instructions, or, if it is admissible, tell me how and I’ll contact her myself.
Second, I note that in the same issue, re: Miss Outlook Pageant, you report that the pageant is in it’s 41st year.  Before coming to Alexander City in 1965 to edit the Outlook, I emceed the forerunner of the Miss Outlook Pageant, which was the Miss Lake Martin Pageant sponsored by the very active Alexander City Jaycees.  I emceed the event after coming to Alexander City until it folded.
Before I left the Outlook in mid-1970, our Advertising Manager, Billy McGhee, had begun what I believe was called the Miss Outlook Calendar Girl Pageant, which I also emceed twice, meaning that it would have begun not later than 1968.
If that pageant has since metamorphosed into the Miss Outlook Pageant, then the pageant has been running a bit more than 41 years.
Of course, if there was a break in the action between the McGhee pageant and the current one, that would explain the 41-year run. Research the late 1960s Outlooks.
An aside:  I notice that in both lake magazines you do a great deal of writing and photography.
I recall that when Mr. Boone’s father purchased the Outlook he set out to run the paper as frugally as possible by getting the most out of his un-enlarged staff but at the same wages.  I hope he is paying you commensurate with your efforts.
Anyone with knowledge of ad lineage can thumb both magazines and tell that he’s making a pretty good return on his productions.
Keep up the good work on two very attractive slicks.
W.C. Bryant

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