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Weather delays removal of city’s holiday decor

Published 8:48pm Friday, January 10, 2014

The cold and wet weather has kept the holiday spirit alive and well in Alexander City.

The city light department says the decorations are due to come down, but the conditions have not been favorable for doing so.

“Monday morning we took down a few, but it go so cold that we were damaging some of them,” said superintendent George East.

East said the weather wasn’t too cold for his employees, but they decided to wait for warmer temperatures to not risk damaging any more.”

Once the temperatures started warming mid week, however, another problem presented itself – rain.

Richard Wagoner, director of MainStreet Alexander City, which helps to maintain, replace and provide storage for the holiday decorations each year, said that when the decorations were purchased, they were specifically warned about taking the decorations down wet.

“If we put them up wet, they are going to be ruined,” Wagoner said. “If they aren’t dry and we stack them up, it will mold and destroy the material.”

The decorations are quite the investment, Wagoner explained. The large tree on Broad Street cost some $6,000, and the smaller tree on display at Bud Porch cost $3,500. The deer cost $1,350 a piece and the 100 or so garland and light wraps cost $100 each.

“We try to use all this stuff for more than one year,” Wagoner said.

East said the city will get to work Monday, assuming conditions dry out.

“We can probably take them all down in two days,” East said.

He also added that light outages have played a role in the delay, as the department’s primary focus is making sure residents have power.

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