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Man charged with theft of MainStreet truck receives one additional charge

Published 5:57pm Tuesday, January 7, 2014

An Alexander City man charged with theft of MainStreet Alexander City’s truck and trailer is also under investigation with a string of other truck thefts.
According to Alexander City Police, Joseph Albert Rivas, 41, was recently interviewed by Sylacauga Police in relation to a number of thefts in the Talladega County town.
Along with theft of property, first degree and first degree receiving stolen property charges, Rivas is also in custody at the Alexander City jail on charges of theft of another Chevrolet truck in Alexander City.
Both the Chevy truck and the MainStreet truck and trailer were recovered, but MainStreet’s truck was in damaged condition upon return, as its steering column was damaged from when a suspect hotwired the car, and a window was damaged in order to gain entry to the truck.
The MainStreet truck’s trailer contained an estimated $3,500 of tents and tables.
No further information regarding potential charges from the Sylacauga Police Department were available as of press time.