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My favorite Christmas

Published 11:43am Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Locals share their best holiday memories

“My favorite memory is kind of sad, but funny at the same time. When I was 12, my whole family got food poisoning except me and my dad. My family got me a 4-wheeler for Christmas, but they couldn’t open presents until the next day.” – Cheri Edwards, 25


“As a child, I remember going to my grandmother’s house and we would have a large family gathering. Her and her two children would play instruments and we would all sing. It was wonderful and I miss it.” – Linda Wood


“My favorite memory is when we went skiing in the mountains (Boone, NC).” – Katherine Harris, 8


“My favorite thing about Christmas is decorating gingerbread houses.” – Megan Harris, 11


“My mother would do Christmas breakfast and dinner for all my family and then we would open gifts. It’s just always a good time for being together and spreading love.” – Lubecca Marbury


“My favorite thing about Christmas is when my nephews and nieces come over and we play and goof around.” – Tyler Brown, 10


“The thing I love about Christmas is enjoying the chance to be around family.” – Mallory Landers, 20


“My favorite thing about Christmas is getting to be around my family and eating food.” – Hayley Marbury, 13

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