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Gateway receives more than $20K in donations

Published 11:41am Wednesday, December 25, 2013

A pair of donations were recently made to a foundation that aims to build upon Alexander City’s future.

The Gateway Education Foundation recently received two donations.

The first donation was $100 given by Barbara Sokol in loving memory of Marion Wender Cohen, and the second donation was $20,000 given by the Adelia Russell Charitable Foundation.

Alexander City Chamber of Commerce president and CEO Ann Rye said the donations will go toward scholarships for local students.

“Gateway is unique to our community, and it’s where we, internally, have funded a scholarship program for students who graduate from Benjamin Russell High School,” Rye said. “We pay for an additional two years or 64 credits of education at Central Alabama Community College.”

Rye added that the donations not only help out the community, but also provide tax benefits.

“People should consider charitable donations. Not only are they a tax write-off for this coming year, but it’s wonderful to invest in their community, the workforce and the future of Alexander City by donating to Gateway Education Foundation,” Rye said. “At this time of year, if they are looking at their charitable contributions and looking for a place to make a contribution, Gateway is a worthwhile, very rewarding program for not only our students, but our community and its future.”

Rye said Gateway has 30-45 students at any one time and has served about 340 students over the years.

Rye said the new labor market is a skilled market, and Gateway has helped prepare students to enter that market for the last 11 years.

“Gateway was designed to be an economic booster to attract industry to our area because we would have a more educated workforce available for that industry,” Rye said. “It certainly serves the families in the community and the children in providing them with an education. It’s an investment in our future.”

For more information on Gateway, contact the chamber at 234-3461. Donations to Gateway can be submitted in the form of a check made payable to Gateway to Education.