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City BOE lauds BRHS coaches, players

Published 8:13pm Wednesday, December 18, 2013

The Alexander City Board of Education honored two BRHS coaches and their teams at its meeting Tuesday night.

First, Superintendent Darrell Cooper honored football head coach Danny Horn for winning two region championships in back-to-back years.

“It brings great pride to our community for the football team to have the accomplishments they had this year,” Cooper said. “We had a tremendous season … and this is a very exciting team to watch.”

The BRHS football team finished the 2013 season with a 10-2 record.

Horn then recognized the coaching staff and players in attendance.

“I am proud of this group – they worked extremely hard – and I’m proud of the support the community has given us all year long,” Horn said. “At the end of the season, only one team is going to be satisfied, and that’s the one that wins the state championship. But this senior group has done a great job. They have been with me for a while, and these players have played with such class and character. I’m more proud of that than the winning part of it.”

Horn continued by saying the “assistant coaches don’t get enough credit.”

“These assistant coaches work extremely hard, and I’m proud of the ones we have,” he said. “Hopefully now we’ve got things going where we can be competitive every year.”

Cooper then continued by honoring head coach and athletic director Pam Robinson the BRHS volleyball team. The team, with a record of 41-9, has won back-to-back area championships and was ranked in the top 10 all season.

“I’ve watched a lot of volleyball games in my life – both my daughters are high school volleyball players – and I can attest this is a fine group of young ladies,” Cooper said. “I heard more than one person tell me this about this group of girls – and that is they are just good people … (and) they really like each other. That means a lot – camaraderie goes a long way for how well they do.”

Robinson praised her assistant coaches and the players themselves.

“They worked really hard and are extremely athletic,” Robinson said. “Everywhere we went, they got a lot of attention because people were amazed at the things they can do, which I can’t take any credit for. I think it’s genetic. Some of the stuff they did, I was just like, you can’t coach that and you can’t teach that.”

Robinson said she would miss the graduating seniors because they are “just a great group of girls.”

“The most fun thing is how they carry themselves,” Robinson said. “They put Benjamin Russell on the map as far as volleyball is concerned, and they really set the bar high for those coming behind them.”

Board President Michael Ransaw praised the coaches and players on behalf of the board.

“I know we recognized the team, but the two coaches we have here, we cannot go without saying the accomplishments they have individually,” Ransaw said. “It’s a lot to be said about having that quality of coaches here in Alex City. We would like to say thank you for choosing Alex City to enhance your career or continuing your career as coaches.”

The board also:

heard from a member of the Martin Luther King Jr. Celebration Committee about participation in the upcoming parade and other events surrounding Martin Luther King Jr. Day

approved November financials

approved the superintendent’s personnel recommendations

approved an out-of-state field trip request for Laurie Barrett’s gifted class to go to the Civil War Museum in Columbus, Ga.