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‘God is blessing America’

Published 8:18pm Friday, December 13, 2013

By Teresa Harrell Moten

Has time really changed Americans? Are we really doing as our founding fathers had desired? Has the constitution really been applied to help every citizen maintain and become a people whose freedom will not be infringed upon?

Let’s see, 1776 – Freedom! During the same years that America was supposed to be the greatest, there were slaves, people of color’s rights were violated, women were denied rights and children were used as laborers.

There was a tale of two cities, a black one and a white one. Foreigners never could stand a chance in the good ole USA!

From 1776 to 2013, many of the laws and regulations have changed to hopefully help all people regardless of race, creed, nationality, religion, etc. gain equality as USA citizens.

The bylaws were amended to give women and blacks right to vote and obtain equality. Children were no longer forced to do labor at young ages. Human beings were no longer labeled as property and animals have a right to be treated without being tortured or abused. Hospitals have to allow people of black race to be treated at hospitals that once forced them out.

Police officers and lawmakers can no longer make degrading, demeaning and unjust laws to ban or forbid any race of people from being treated justly and getting just treatment.

I am not trying to be mean or bring up a negative past to insult anyone. America, we must wake up! This is 2013 and more than 200 years have passed and we as Americans are still trying to say that the constitution and amendments were actually working when the founding fathers penned them

The phrase, “one nation under God”, meant in my opinion that the founders knew that God was the sovereign, the only one to worship and that God is the ultimate ruler.

Today, we pledge to the flag and the flag has gained more notoriety than God himself. People will salute the flag and say the pledge, yet forget that God was the reason the flag came about.

Many soldiers and people sacrificed their lives to save our nation and give us the freedom and liberty we have today.

Some people’s hearts are cold. America was a country and still is a nation where people overcame obstacles, hatred, bitterness and unjust laws by people who were sworn in as servants.

Yet today, times have changed. Some circumstances are better. Economic conditions may not be the best; however we have had times in past worse than these.

Spewing out hatred, bitterness and showing malice will not and can never help a country, nation or this world improve!

Whether laws are fair or not, it is up to the people of the USA to protest, protect, speak out or vote out those who may not be doing an effective job. But we must not and should not use downright uncivilized tones or intonations to degrade or diminish one’s character to the point that our verbal expressions of words or unkind, cruel actions provokes havoc or harm to higher officials or people, who we think may or may not be doing an effective job representing us in the USA.

America, wake up! Grown people, our children are watching. If a people do not learn from the past they are destined to repeat it whether it’s good, mediocre or bad.

Let’s use our constitution, which has good wording and can be very helpful to make the United States of America, Land of the Brave, Home of the Free to be an Icon and example of how a country can become great allowing every citizen the opportunity to be treated with dignity and fairness. All Americans, according to the creed, must have the same equal rights.

Our amendments are needed. We need to voice our opinions and get political officials, governmental officials, churches, schools, law enforcement and every other facet of society to team up and work together with workable solutions to better this nation.

All the laws in the world on paper will never work when men and women’s hearts are mean, evil and cruel. Even to disagree with the law or our leaders, we must do it civilly.

We are America and there is room for growth and change. We must stop the bickering, name-calling, threats and intimidation amongst each other.

Let’s put our heads together, forgive, move forward and do great exploits in the USA regardless of who seems to think they’re doing right or wrong.

We are a great people. To stay great, we need wise, sensible and level-headed people who meet qualifications and prayerfully those who will do right by God and the human race.

Peace to all you my fellow Americans. Lets stop hating the officials and agree or disagree to come up with plans to better our beautiful home, the great United States of America.

God is blessing America.

Moten is a guest columnist for The Outlook.