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Boehner refuses ‘to do his job’

Published 8:19pm Friday, December 13, 2013

Dear Editor,

Remember Obamacare? Remember how the Republicans called it a train wreck and said that it will kill jobs? Well, the leader of the GOP known as the Speaker of the House, Mr. John Boehner couldn’t wait to enroll in the Affordable Care Act. Friday, Nov. 22 he enrolled in Obamacare with no problem. If you ask him he would lie about the wait period.

You see people, these are the real Republicans. They keep the poor and middle class people down, so they can’t get ahead, but when the table is turned you see what happens. Mr. Boehner has to save his business – he owns a pharmacy – so he has to look good so people will still come and buy Medicare from his business.

The thing is if it doesn’t include them, they are not for it.

The rest of the Republicans have this great insurance, but they have to pay more now because they are not eligible for the incentive that the Obamacare offers some people. They are upset because they don’t want to pay more.

But John Boehner will be reaping the benefits of Obamacare. How does that look when there are Republican governors that refuse to extend Obamacare?

Better yet, look at Ohio – John Boehner’s state – with millions of uninsured people, but he and his family are set. Tell me something, do you see the picture of the Republican Party? They are the ones that do not care about anyone.

They are having problems in their party trying to reinvent themselves.

If they stood for something other than protecting the rich, they would be in good shape. I hope Ohio is getting ready for a new generation that is rising up in all of these states.

I want people to see the Speaker of the House in Congress for who he is – a man that is not worthy to lead and talk about President Obama, a man that has done and still is doing everything he can in his power to move this country forward without the Speaker of the House.

He refuses to help this president. In other words, he is refusing to do his job. Changes are coming next year. We will tell the stories of hunger and the uninsured and the low wages in these states.

Arlean Wyckoff

Alexander City