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Blind luck shapes BCS championship picture

Published 7:47pm Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Stardate Oct. 27, 2013: there were eight undefeated teams left and by Nov. 17, the number dwindled down to six. It appeared that the final season of the dreaded Bowl Championship Series just might get the punch in the nose it deserved.
Then all of a sudden, with one-second remaining and dusk settling in over Georgia, Auburn moon-jumped over the Sea of Tranquility and flattened the once high-tide.
Later that evening as the stars began to shine brightly, Michigan State aligned with Jupiter and knocked every Buckeye  within slapping distance off their limbs and by the end of Saturday, we had one undefeated team remaining in college football: Florida State.
No, there was no planning involved, just a lot of blind luck and a whole lot of destiny in play. As I predicted, Michigan State would throw a knockout haymaker to the jaw of Ohio State. Coach Urban Meyer did his best lobbying job since, well, 2006.
Florida State and Auburn will meet on Jan. 6 in the final BCS title game, sponsored by “Hallelujah, it’s finally over.”
The Pac-12 got a terrific Rose Bowl game in Stanford and Michigan State, followed by the old BCS stiff-arm.
The nation’s second-best conference qualified three BCS eligible teams but landed only one mandatory take: Stanford. Really though, this could have been much worse.
Stardate, Oct. 16, 2013:  The Stanford Cardinal faced third and two at the six yard line in the final minute against Utah and they decided to throw twice. Oops.
If Stanford wins, they would have been tied with Auburn with one loss.
Argument: A three point loss to USC on the road vs. Auburn’s 14 point loss at LSU and that (excuse me) miracle win against Georgia. Answer: Destiny awaits the Tigers.
Strength of schedule: Stanford (11-2) ended with the nation’s No. 4 toughest schedule while Auburn, even after defeating No. 1 Alabama and No. 5 Missouri, they still ended up No. 20.
Stardate Sept. 21, 2013: Michigan State (12-1) loses to Notre Dame 17-13; aided by four pass-interference calls.
Stardate Nov. 30, 2013: What would have happened if T.J. Yeldon had not stepped out of bounds with one second left against Auburn in a play that took four forensic replay scientists to confirm?
What if Missouri won the Southeastern Conference title and Ohio State won the Big Ten?
Would SEC Mike Slive have dared lobby for Alabama in the title game instead of Missouri?
These two questions will never need to be answered because the BCS once again passed the Breathalyzer test.
Florida State ended with a laughable strength of schedule ranking of No. 63.
Why did Jimbo Fisher play quarterback Jameis Winston well into the fourth quarter with the score 45-0 over Duke?
Winston’s back story does not resonate well with yours truly, and, in fact, there are a lot of people very uncomfortable with the decision to not charge Winston with a felony sexual assault charge.
The district attorney is a FSU graduate and also a heavy donor to the university. The reports are disturbing and I would hope – with six candidates’ up for the Heisman – they will find a way to exclude Winston from becoming the next Heisman Trophy winner.
The county DA did not have enough evidence to get a conviction. Again, the reports are very disturbing, and, by the way, there is a three-year statute of limitation on sexual battery.
Hopefully, this is not over and the family seeks assistance from the state attorney general. Winston dodged the hard questions after his FSU team won the Atlantic Coast Conference title game.
“We’re not done yet,” Winston said. “We fear no one. Our opponent has no face, so we don’t care.”
I would suggest, that Mr. Winston probably believes he can use this same egocentric and narcissistic behavior pattern his entire life.  Do you think he cared who the face of the girl was on Dec. 7, 2012?
I will get deeper into the bowl games next week.
Until next time …
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