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Non-profit helps give bikes to foster children

Published 7:24pm Monday, December 9, 2013

In 2006, Phillip Vick of coronary heart disease. Before he passed, he told his brother. “don’t send any flowers – too many kids don’t have bicycles.”

Vick’s family took up the cause. Now, almost seven years later, Phillip’s Bicycles for Foster Care Children is continuing to make dreams come true, one bicycle at a time.

“We have placed more than 3,100 bicycles to foster care children across the state of Alabama,” said Paul Vick, pastor of New Site United Methodist Church and Phillip’s brother. “This year, we will distribute a total of 503 bicycles across the state, with 226 being put together here in New Site.”

On Monday, bicycles lined the halls of New Site United Methodist Church, with all sorts of boys, girls and children’s models tucked wherever space would allow.

At the same time, Vick said Childersburg Church of God, where his family attends church, was busy building the other 277 bicycles.

“We have bicycles from big to small, and for the ones that are too young to ride a bike, we have rocking horses and different things like that,” Vick said.

Vick said that Phillip was a foster-care parent and always felt like a child needed a bicycle.

“When he would go to pick these foster children up, some of them wouldn’t have much more than the clothes on their back,” Vick said. “They are heading to a strange new home, and they don’t know anyone.”

In this time of adjustment, a bicycle can be good way to get their mind of the present.

“If these kids can get outside and ride a bicycle, they can feel the air and have that sense of freedom,” Vick said. “It helps them get their problems out of their mind and just lets them be a kid.”

Vick said there is another important aspect of the effort.

“Before any bicycle is given out, each one will be anointed with oil on the handlebar and prayed over individually,” Vick said. “The hope is that when that kid gets that oil on his or her hand, representing the spirit of god, somebody will be put in that child’s life to introduce him or her to Jesus.”

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