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Loyalty beyond measure

Published 8:31pm Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Dear Editor,

Yes, I do believe loyalty is a good thing. Sometimes loyalty even means supporting someone when they may have temporarily gone off track, but you are willing to stick with them because you believe they have every intention of getting back on track. But when does loyalty become an excuse for supporting poor leadership that shows no sign or desire of getting back on the right track?

I’m truly tired of hearing the replays of President Obama’s promises of “If you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor. If you like your health plan, you can keep your health plan. Period.” The fact remains that that is what he said. Period. If you try to make it into something other than what it is, then your loyalty is working overtime.

Let’s not get having good health care confused with this plan for healthcare. And to say that no one else has a better plan is no justification for enacting a disastrous plan. Because you’re dying of thirst, does not mean that having a drink of salt water is a good plan.

I’m sure that there are aspects of this plan that might really have some merit, but to destroy all that is working makes no sense. At this point, if you are seriously open to evaluate this healthcare plan, you might also realize that the designers of this plan had full knowledge of the negative aspects that most of us are just finding out about.

Why do you think Nancy Pelosi wanted us to pass it before we read or understood it? I just recently heard someone say that the idea of passing it first and then looking to see what was in it, is exactly what a medical doctor would say about a stool sample.

Humorous but very sad. The lies regarding this entire plan keep coming because once you decide you are going to defend the initial lie no matter what, it becomes the generator of many more lies. The big advantage of telling the truth, in addition to being the right thing to do, is that it is so easy to remember.

It is somewhat unfortunate that the emphasis in the news is on the botched website. The real issue is the healthcare plan not the vehicle that is delivering it.

I’m concerned that if the website is completely corrected and runs like a top, that this administration will get it’s spin room in high gear to claim some sort of victory. Delivering a bad product from a good website is no victory and is of no value.

One other aspect of this whole healthcare debate that I’m not sure I understand, is the discussion about people who currently cannot get healthcare because they cannot afford it.

As far as I know, taking care of indigent patients has been going on in our hospitals for as long as I can remember. People who have no insurance or no doctor, walk into the emergency room and get medical attention.

Do you think that the hospitals are doing this without any compensation or do you think their rates to those of us who do pay are higher to cover indigent care? The idea of wealth distribution that seems so evident in the mind of this administration is already at work.

One side note to this whole issue. We will see politicians in Washington who have supported this healthcare act, separate themselves from this administration come this next election.

And you ask why? The same reason as always. They are not doing what is in our best interest, they are doing whatever it takes to get re-elected! What a sorry state of affairs.

Joe Valenti

Alexander City

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