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Thankful for those who thank us

Published 9:14pm Wednesday, November 27, 2013

The Outlook’s I Am Thankful and How to Cook A Turkey sections are some of my favorites every year.
Our office always gets a kick out of these ­– sometimes from the funny things the children are thankful for and sometimes for their unique recipes. (I recall one from a couple of years ago that recommended that you “take a can of beer and put it up the turkey’s butt.” As you can imagine, we all laughed pretty heartily for weeks afterward.)
But one particular note this year in the I Am Thankful section didn’t list the normal things to be thankful for – family, friends or toys.
A child named Jim Yoon decided to thank us – all The Outlook’s employees.
The note, featured in the section inserted in today’s paper and typed exactly as the child wrote it, reads as follows:
“Dear Alexander City Outlook,
I am feeling thankful for everyone that works there. I am thankful for everyone that works there writes us news. I like those news because I know what is going on in Alex City. For example, I didn’t know they were going to have July Fireworks untill I read the news. It tells us if someone got hurt. That is the time I do family check to make sure my family is safe. Reading the outlook and the news is fun. They sometimes have jokes, word searches, or riddles. It sure is awesome to read the Alex City Outlook!
Jim Yoon”
I’d like to take this time to thank Jim for writing this sweet note about us.
It’s no secret that Thanksgiving week is usually the hardest week of the year to work in the newspaper business.
Most of you may not realize this, but as a daily paper, we still have to produce the edition you’re reading today (Thursday) as well as the Friday edition of the paper on Wednesday so that some of our staff can have the holiday off.
Even when our office is closed and our advertising and newsroom departments are with their families and friends, our pressroom, mailroom and delivery staffs all end up working on Thanksgiving Day in order to bring you the Friday edition of the paper.
All of our schedules are adjusted, and you end up having some really long hours all week to compensate for not working on Thursday.
And on Friday, we’re back at it again to bring our readers the weekend edition of The Outlook, even though many people have Friday off as well.
So, Jim, your note to our employees really came at the perfect time – it gave us pause and reminded us why we work these long, stressful hours in the first place.
Despite being a profession that has long hours and by its nature seems to draw exponentially more criticism than praise, I am thankful to be employed at TPI and to do the job I do.
I leave you with this quote from Henry David Thoreau: “I am grateful for what I am and have. My thanksgiving is perpetual … Oh, how I laugh when I think of my vague, indefinite riches. No run on my bank can drain it, for my wealth is not possession but enjoyment.”
And with all I have to be thankful for, I do feel rich indeed. Happy Thanksgiving.
Spears is general manager of The Outlook.