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Seniors led BRHS back to prominence

Published 5:26pm Monday, November 18, 2013

And just like that…. It was over. What felt like a season of destiny for BRHS  ended at the Sportplex at the hands of mighty St. Paul’s.
It doesn’t seem right. Not right at all.
It wasn’t the conclusion the community had imagined nor the send off this resilient senior class deserved.
But the 20-14 loss is another example of the cruelty if the high school playoffs. What was worse were the dramatic swings between hope and hopelessness.
If you saw the game (or listened to Brett Pritchard and Randy Lee call the game on WKGA), you know this game had more ups and downs than a bi-polar elevator.
Twice in this game the teams exchanged fumbles on back to back plays.
St. Paul’s was short on a sub-30 yard field goal late in the game, giving BRHS a shot at an improbable drive to tie the game at 14. The ‘Cats converted and in to OT we went.
The tide appeared to have shifted back into BRHS’ favor when the home team won the coin toss, went on defense first and St. Paul’s chose the less-hospitable side of the field to drive into.
Then, just as the pendulum swung back to the Saints after a touchdown, St. Paul’s unbelievably missed their extra point attempt. A miscue like that usually spells doom.
However, it just wasn’t meant to be, as the Wildcats could not match St. Paul’s touchdown.
A funny thing happened on my way to disappointment, though: I realized just how far this program has come because of this senior class.
This class’ freshmen year it would have been easy to say football wasn’t necessarily for them.
After all, BRHS had just wrapped up an abysmal 1-9 season and was trapped in 6A purgatory.
Three short years and 28 wins later, BRHS feels like a football power again. The turnaround didn’t happen overnight, but the losses of four years ago drove this class to not allow easy anymore.
I would say that even in this football-mad state, no community attaches itself to the football team like this one.
The “remora/shark” relationship between this team and its fans has been there since Chimney Rock was un-spray painted.
There had been signs of a disconnect a few years ago, but these seniors helped restore that connection.
I can’t wait to watch the Wildcats win double-digit games again in 2014.
There was one giant positive note from Friday night, though.
The aforementioned radio team of Brett and Randy won the AHSAA Media of the Year Award.
Brett and Randy have been through a lot of times as BRHS broadcasters. They have seen coaches and players (and more coaches) come and go.
They shivered in the rain and sweltered in the heat. As the main cogs in the AHSAA Radio Network wheel, those two even called an all-star game from the stairwell of Mobile’s Ladd-Peebles Stadium.
Their best trait as an announcing team is balance. They are truly of one mind.
Brett, the right brain, does the play-by-play like he is the excited parent of every kid on the team. Randy, the left brain,  does the color like the level-headed uncle. Both are unabashedly and beautifully biased toward BRHS.
Announcing games isn’t all that easy, folks. How Brett and Randy manage their knowledge of all things Wildcat while juggling other careers, multiple other shows (like Sportz Blitz Live) and their families I am not quite sure.
All I do know is, just like this senior class, Brett and Randy stuck with BRHS, and bigger things are on the horizon.
Robinson is a sports columnist for The Outlook.