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A good president

Published 7:07pm Monday, November 18, 2013

Dear Editor,
All the talk and speculation that is going on in our country about the sitting president has led me to do some research. I have heard and seen many things over the past few years about him. One thing is for sure, Obama is not the Messiah. Furthermore, he is not a messenger from God, but one thing he could be is prophetic. Therefore, I did a quick search in the Holy Bible and came up with a few ideas. One of which was a man named Barak who God called to be a judge, but he was fearful and had the prophetess Deborah go with him to subdue the King of Canaan. I quickly ruled out that Barak because the Barack in the oval office is not afraid of a little conflict. When problems arise, he boldly stands and proclaims it is not his fault and quickly points the finger to others. I do not understand why people cause him problems. Anyway, who is he going to blame for the last four years of disastrous changes? A good president would take responsibility and move forward instead of blaming others for the mess we have. Then I moved to the next Baruch, which was the prophet Jeremiah’s scribe. He wrote at the feet of Jeremiah all his words, and he was a great asset and messenger for him. I thought long and hard about the real messages heard from Barack Obama and found that his motive appears to be division, of which he is doing a great job. Of course, this is not the same message of conviction proclaimed by Baruch of the Bible. By the way, has anyone heard the phrase, “United we Stand Divided we Fall?” A good president would try to bring a country together not apart. However, a dictator will sign an executive order and fire top military personnel. Next, I moved to King Saul. You might be asking yourself why I went in this direction. Well if you know the story of King Saul then you understand he was not God’s choice. He was the people’s choice. The people demanded that Samuel make them a king, they wanted what all the nations around them had, and they got it. God told them how their king would be and true to His word, it happened. After this, I wondered, did God put Obama in office or did he allow us that choice? While thinking about this, bear in mind, we told God a while back to move on. You say, “What are you talking about?” I am talking about when we as Christians stood idle and heard the voice of the masses say, “God we do not need you in our school systems. God we do not need you in our courtrooms. God we do not need you in our Government.” Oh yeah, Lord we do not need you in our lives. He, being the gracious redeemer that He is, quietly and politely moved out of the way, and this continues today. A good president would see this and call the country back to God. Lastly, I recalled a few passages in the Bible where it talks of God setting kingdoms up to do his will whether for good or for destruction. Thinking back on how America was a few years ago, other countries feared us and when we spoke, they listened. Today other countries are laughing and mocking us. They see we have no leadership and no direction, which is true without God. A weak president is a weak government is a weak nation. Think, what has this country accomplished lately? What direction are we going? All signs point to a great big fall. A good president would see this, and repent on behalf of a nation. Unless, this is the way he wants us to go. Now to reiterate the question about Obama being prophetic, he could be, but you decide whether it is for good or bad. As far as the office of the President of the United States, it is supposed to be a place we can trust and a place to turn to for answers, a place of respect and honor. It is not supposed to be a place for dictating ones own agenda, lying, and bulling policies for a certain group of people. Barack Hussein Obama will go down as the worst president in American history to date if our current crises (Health care, Debt ceiling, economy etc) continue unresolved. However, the history books will not record that fact. What ever your opinion of Obama, the truth is he is taking this country farther away from “One nation under God” and “We the people.” Anyway, we all may never agree on the sitting president, but we can agree we are in desperate straits and we need CHANGE. Understand that a good president is not just a politician. He is a real leader.

Stan Davis
Jackson’s Gap