The Council for Prosperity thru Health will hold its next meeting at the United Way Conference room Dec. 5 at 12:30 p.m. All of the public is invited to attend. | File
The Council for Prosperity thru Health will hold its next meeting at the United Way Conference room Dec. 5 at 12:30 p.m. All of the public is invited to attend. | File

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Group organizes to promote health, wellness

Published 6:44pm Tuesday, November 12, 2013

One local community group is working to make Tallapoosa County and surrounding areas a healthier place to live and work.
And though the group has been around for about two years, many citizens may not have heard about The Council for Prosperity thru Health (CP-H).
Dan Replogle, chair of CP-H, said the group came to fruition after he retired.
“I wanted something to keep my mind engaged, and I came across a man named Dr. Don Durbin,” Replogle said. “He is the inspiration and mentor for this program, and he has given so much of himself into making something happen.”
Durbin is a chiropractor in Alexander City, but he also leads a program on health and wellness.
“We started off with the question of ‘how can we promote health and wellness in the community?’” Replogle said. “The idea being that if people are healthier, they and everyone around them are going to be more prosperous as a result.”
Though the United States healthcare system is often touted for having some of the best medical minds in the world, the facts on the health of the average citizen hardly seem to follow.
“The bottom line metric for measuring health is life expectancy, and we are 51st in the world,” Replogle said. ”The U.S. also, coincidently, ranks 51st in Infant mortality.”
Two-thirds of Americans are overweight, Replogle said, and 18 percent of all children are obese.
“I don’t think the average citizen is aware that our health is so bad, nor why it is so bad,” Replogle said. “Obesity is the biggest reason for it, and that boils down to nutrition – or rather poor nutrition – and an inactive lifestyle.”
The state ranks all Alabama counties based on health. Tallapoosa County ranks 41st on this list, with neighboring Coosa County sitting at 44th.
“The first challenge is to make people aware of the state of health in this area – not only does it impact obvious things like you and your livelihood, but it also impacts business in this area,” Replogle said.
Businesses are attracted to counties with higher track records for healthiness, Replogle said, as healthier employees mean less healthcare costs for employers.
The group has held one meeting so far on Oct. 29 and already has plans for its next gathering. The focus now is getting more people involved and starting to develop plans to increase the health and wellness of the community.
“This is a problem we can actually do something about,” Replogle said. “Now we need to figure out what is going on out in the community (to benefit citizens’ health and wellbeing) and how to connect the dots and support these kinds of efforts to make a difference.”
The next meeting is planned for Dec. 5 at 12:30 p.m. in the United Way conference center.
For more information on CP-H, contact Replogle at Replogle said citizens can also contact any member of the CP-H steering committee. Dr. Don Durbin may be reached at, Dr. Don Kelly at, Janice Lynn at and Ella MacFiggen at

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