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Obamacare inches us toward socialism

Published 6:42pm Monday, November 11, 2013

Dear Editor,

Recently Dr. Benjamin Carson quoted Vladimir Lenin, the father of the Russian communist revolution, as saying that the quickest way to push a society into socialism is to lead with a socialistic healthcare system.

With ObamaCare, we have made that initial push.

In spite of the disastrous initial rollout of the ObamaCare website, the law remains with its multiple tax increases, addition of 18,000 new IRS agents, and its paternalistic federal intrusion into our healthcare system. This is the first phase of President Obama’s “fundamental change” and “wealth redistribution”

ObamaCare is one step in the direction of socialism. The initial rollout as it is called, involves major contraction of the plan options private insurers can offer. The options have decreased from the thousands down to about one dozen plans.

The insurance companies are being told that to participate in the facets of ObamaCare, they must decrease the insurance plan options and offer only the federally approved plans. Therefore, millions of citizens are receiving cancellation of insurance notices from their private insurance companies.

With a few exceptions, most of the new plans carry a major increase in premiums (as much as three times the previous premiums) or drastically higher deductible because they are forced to insure events and risks which may not be appropriate (such as pregnancy coverage or children’s preventive care for single adult males or older couples).

Some have said that ObamaCare has increased choices and has fostered more competition among insurance companies. That is clearly false. The choices are not increased, they are drastically decreased. So, how is that capitalism?

Have you seen insurance companies other than BCBS flocking into Alabama? United Healthcare is about to bail out. Look at how many doctors Alex City has lost in the past year.

All but one of the five doctors who have left in the past year have left private practices and have gone to work for large hospitals or other large institutions primarily because of concern over the future of small private practices under the oppressive regulations and drastic re-imbursement system changes brought about by ObamaCare.

How is losing our doctors and losing the time honored institution of the small private medical practice increasing choices?

Medicare and Medicaid were the first phase of federal government takeover of medical care. Now comes ObamaCare. The law will remain until we elect enough conservative senators to pass a bill revoking the tenets of ObamaCare.

If we do not overturn this destructive law, we will inevitably slide into socialism, and our capitalistic society will perish.  We still have the structure and the economy to resist these changes if we will only live by the rules laid down by the framers of the Constitution.


Billy Sellers

Alexander City