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Government control

Published 6:44pm Monday, November 11, 2013

Dear Editor,

Many people in our great country today are pawns and they do not even realize it. Let me take you back a few years to get a clearer picture of what I am saying, a time when the majority of people had a good work ethic.

They wanted to do something with their lives. What they were after was the American dream.

People all across the country and from every ethnic background wanted to achieve something with their lives. Remember the commercial that came on and sang out, baseball, hotdog, apple pie and some automobile I cannot recall, hmm.

Anyway, when the 1980s began we were in a huge recession and the man at the helm was Ronald Reagan.

He came in with a plan of action and went to work. Ever hear of “Reaganomics”, it is what we need today. Reagan began by cutting government spending and reduced the size of government. He also limited government control and reduced federal taxes.

We began to flourish as a nation and we had free enterprise. There were plenty of jobs to go around and wages were adequate for the time. With people working, this meant the poverty level decreased.

I bring this to our attention because the current federal government with Barack Obama in control is doing the opposite of what we learned in the 1980s, and I do not understand why.

It worked back then and I believe it will work today. Let us look at “Obamanomics”, which is to increase government spending and enlarge our federal government.

Put tougher restraints on the businessperson and squeeze them for more tax dollars. You know when my credit rating goes down my credit goes with it. They do not increase my credit and give me license to spend more.

The federal government is spending more than they bring in, this in turn will bring even higher taxes. You cannot continue printing money with nothing to back it.

One day that house of cards will fall and when it falls, it will be devastating. The government today wants total control; they believe we do not know how to manage our lives and they are well on the way of achieving this.

However, they need to learn how to run a country and not dictate to one. We have a tremendous amount of people on welfare or some form of entitlement already and that number will rise if the present economy continues. Think for a minute, if you are receiving assistance and I know there are those who need help, so do not get me wrong, but who is in control?

When the number of people on entitlements reaches higher than 50%, who will be the majority? Who will have the most control? We have to break this cycle.

What we need today is jobs and a people to take charge of their own lives and have pride in the American way. Let us take control away from the government and place that back with the people, and let us take responsibility for our actions.

Stan Davis

Jackson’s Gap