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America: Love it or leave it

Published 7:53pm Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Dear Editor,
A man approached me a while back on the street. He began by warming me up with Christian words. It was great, I enjoy talking about the Lord and the state of the church, and then he moved on to the real issue as to why he had approached me. He needed financial assistance. He said he was out of work and had been out of work for some time. He explained he was in construction and needed help with his rent and was looking for me to be that vehicle. Well this caught me by surprise, so I explained I was sort of in the same boat with the economy the way it is. Then I could see his countenance change toward me. I gave him what I had in my wallet, which was not much. Then I made a comment that I should have not made. I told him if our government continues programs like NAFTA, we would continue seeing a decline in jobs or lower wages. “For Americans outsourcing is a raw deal.”
Then the topic of our discussion accelerated into a common spiel  about our former administration. He began to tell me that it was all because of the angry white man these things were happening. Now, I had heard the term, “angry white man” before but was not very familiar with it. Anyway, I just sat back and listened because he was doing all the talking now. He began with NAFTA and explained it was a bad deal for America workers. This is right. He also mentioned the issues with Chinese imports. Then it got worse, he blamed the twin tower attack on then President Bush because of a labor dispute with the airlines. He said the “angry white man” drove those planes into the twin towers and Bin Laden was more or less a scapegoat. He said Bin Laden had no resources to pull off such a massive attack. I could see there was no hope of convincing him otherwise, so I held my peace. He said our government at that time, (Bush’s fault again), did not want the world to know we are a divided nation. After a few minutes of his teachings, he walked on and my mind was perplexed with all the information to process so I pondered this a few days.
After a couple of days, I decided I needed to know who these “angry white men” were and why they were such a problem. Therefore, I took to the internet in search of answers; (because we know everything on the internet and on television are true) anyway it was not long before I found what I was looking for. What I found changed my outlook and perspective on some things. That is when reality set in, and I understood whom this man was talking about so feverishly. First off, there are government programs that need revamping like NAFTA. If I could speak freely, entitlements are in the same category. The give away programs were to help people in need for a short time, not to make a life long career out of them. Another thing is, stop blaming Bush for everything. That is just another mindset by liberals to express their nonsense to the world around them. As far as Chinese imports, there are problems but with the right people in Washington, it is fixable. In addition, I do not believe that an angry white man drove planes into the twin towers. I know there are many conspiracy theorists and they look for anything and everything to feed on. The twin towers are just another example of it. That incident actually took thousands of men and women’s lives by people who were brainwashed into believing they would become martyrs. As far as a nation divided, people like this man and others of his mindset are the reason for the separation. I could really go on about the state of our country, but I will not. You and I know what is happening in our land today, and the problem is not the “angry white man.” What is happening is the complete and utter removal of God, which is our downfall. Finally, I will add this for all who misinterpret or disagree with ‘one nation under God.’
This is America the land of the FREE, home of the brave and if you do not like her, you are free to leave.

Stan Davis
Jackson’s Gap

  • Char Aznable

    You are absolutely right. Ross Perot told us that trade agreements like NAFTA would destroy our economy over 20 years ago. Bill Clinton hurt this country more than Bush ever could have.