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Where are your contributions?

Published 6:15pm Monday, November 4, 2013

Dear Editor,
My husband, David French, handed me the Outlook this morning and commented, “This is the most rational letter Woody has written.”  I read it and was also struck by your comments especially about citizens not getting involved. You are right on target there.
You asked what my husband has done to service this community or country. I want to tell you since I do not believe he will respond.  We have been married over 44 years and in that time, my husband has continually helped others. He served in the military and was stationed in Korea (although not during the war itself.)  His careers were in police work and social services.  He has been an extremely active volunteer in too many community areas to name, but among them are Habitat for Humanity, the Tallapoosa Christian Crisis Center,  Red Cross, Salvation Army bell ringer, Lake Watch of Lake Martin, Children’s Harbor volunteer, etc.
Monthly, he asks me what we have given lately to charities of our choosing and suggests which ones we should give next.  I am very proud to be the wife of a man with firm convictions of right and wrong and one who “walks the walk”  rather than just “ talking the talk.”
How does you list of contributions to our community read?  (Oh, one last note, we do not plan to keep a running correspondence with you.  I think the readers are rather sick of hearing from you and probably us as well.)
P.S. from David
Woody, as you are in the dark about Vietnam reference, I will enlighten you. De Oppresso Liber is the motto of Special Forces, commonly referred to as Green Berets.  Although not officially organized until 1952, their roots (like the OSS and CIA) go back to WWII.  However, their first large scale operations were in Vietnam, where they earned their fame and glory.  Surprised you did not know that.

Diana French
Alexander City