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Finally, involvement

Published 11:30pm Friday, November 1, 2013

Dear Editor,
Finally, we see some life in Alexander City. There may be hope for Alex City yet.
People are reading the paper and willing to express an opinion.
Mr.  French, do y’all remember that show in the seventies, Family Affair? Anyway, I digress.
Mr. French, thank you for your comments. It would appear you paint with the same brush as I.
Alex City needs more people like you who can express yourself without being vehement.
Ms. Thompson, being the Southern gentile gentleman I am, I will not exploit the comment you made concerning pigs, feral or otherwise.
Our country is broken.
Speaking out in the hope people will examine their stance and the direction of our country to help bring our country back to right path is the motivation for my writings.
It seems to be working. Thank you, Lord.
Neither of the two dominant political parties the American people are stuck with are working for the people.
Both parties have been infiltrated by a group known as progressive collectivist.
George H.W. Bush was a progressive. The Bushes are originally from New England, not Texas.
They are part of the progressive movement.
This group’s goal is to form one world government with one currency. The Constitution of the United States must fall for this to take place. The Christian conservative middle class of this country supports and maintains the Constitution.
That is the reason the middle class is under attack by the liberals.
The middle class will continue to be attacked until the Constitution falls or the middle class decides to stop being entertained by the mindless drivel that passes for programing on TV get off the couch and be heard.
Right now, how many people that read this have had their Blue Cross insurance double?
How many of you have called your state and federal representives  and Blue Cross to complain?
If you do not speak up now, be prepared for another increase in the near future. In Washington state 35,000 people signed up for Obamacare. 87 percent of those opted for Medicaid.
You need to understand what this means for the people paying all the bills in this country, i.e. the tax-paying middle class.
The taxation imposed by Obamacare will destroy the economy of our country i.e. the middle class.
I also read George Will and Thomas Sowell. Both make a lot of good points concerning the demise of our country.
I have a different opinion on the Democratic party as a whole.
I see more problems than solutions since Barry became president and the leader of the Democratic party.
Both parties should work together.
Too bad the Democrats don’t see it that way.
Mr. French, I don’t understand your Vietnam reference and I am not sure you do. My service to my community and nation is a matter of record.
Mr. Bronson is very active and left a lasting impression in all the organizations you mentioned.
So exactly what service to this community or county have you provided?
I appreciated the responses and would love to see more. Getting involved is the only way we can turn our country around.
I am merely the messenger. Demonizing the messenger, especially when the truth is at the heart of the message, is a tactic straight out of Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals.
Demonize me if you will. Our country can still be saved if we as a nation return to God’s way and our land will be healed.

Woody Baird
De Oppresso Liber
Alexander City