The new baler was paid for with a $57,000 grant from the Alabama Department of Enviromental Management. Robert Hudson | Outlook Photo
The new baler was paid for with a $57,000 grant from the Alabama Department of Environmental Management. Robert Hudson | Outlook Photo

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Public works acquires new recycling baler

Published 6:54pm Thursday, October 31, 2013

The Alexander City Public Works Department received a piece of equipment Thursday that will help it in its recycling efforts.

Public works received its new baler Thursday morning at the city’s recycling center.

The baler was purchase with a $57,000 grant received from the Alabama Department of Environmental Management.

“We have to be certified and have to go to these classes to keep our certification. The state charges 25 cents per yard for every yard that we take to the landfill and use it for grants,” said Terry Bishop, head of the environmental service department for Alexander City Public Works. “We needed a baler, and they saw we were doing good with our recycling.”

Bishop said the help of those in the public works department and with ADEM helped ensured the new baler could be acquired.

The new bailer was completely paid for with the grant, and Bishop said it can bale a wider range of items than the old one.

“The old baler would only bale cardboard, but the new baler will bail cardboard, aluminum cans, tin cans, newspaper – anything you want to,” Bishop said. “You can do it separate, or you can do it all at one time.”

Bishop added the new machine would help save money and keep items out of the landfill.

“The old baler was bought back in 1984 and was really slow and real out of date,” Bishop said. “If you separate like you can with the new one, you get more money out of it. It won’t be that much money, but it keeps stuff out of the landfill.”

Acceptable materials for recycling at the center include cardboard, paper, scrap metal, plastic bottles and jars among others. These materials can be dropped off any time.

The city recycling center also handles electronics every second Thursday of the month.

Electronics suitable for recycling include, but are not limited to, computers, flat screen TVs, cameras, printers, copiers, radios, phones and laptops.

For more information on how to recycle, contact public works at 256-409-2020.