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Time to come clean

Published 7:34pm Monday, October 28, 2013

Dear Editor,

Come clean – put evil away –  God is watching, and He doesn’t want us to do evil.

“Learn to do well,” seek justice, true judgment, relieve (help, come to the aid of those oppressed, judge fatherless (justly) and plead (stand up) for the widow – those with deceased spouses)

Yes, there are people who willingly defy and disobey the law; yes, there are people who manipulate, steal, lie, cheat and take advantage of the system in healthcare, food stamps or many governmental and non-governmental programs.

Yes, there are those who receive grant money from the government, who do poor jobs implementing plans and programs that are not effective to help those that programs intended to.

Yes, there are politicians and people whom the voters selected – or those who get employed to lead and govern or supervise on jobs or offices – that squander funds haphazardly and misrepresent the people who they vowed to serve. However, is it necessary to be mad and not help those who are really in need?

Those of you who are fortunate without needing other assistance, thank God for your blessings.

Please be grateful and don’t look down on those who are less fortunate and need some assistance.

Let’s not refuse to help those who are truly in need because some unworthy defiant person takes from the programs that are in place to help those in crisis.

By they way, everyone who gets governmental assistance, food stamps, healthcare, child care, aid to dependent children or other support, aren’t lazy, unemployed, “using the system” or just taking advantage of the government or other programs.

There are decent, hard-working people who don’t have or may not have had the luxury or opportunities for better jobs to be able to be as successful as some of you who think you have arrived all by yourself.

God is watching, so let’s learn to do good and help those in need. Also, let’s punish those who are thieves and weed out those who take from programs that are to help those who need assistance. There are flaws. Some people get trapped with governmental assistance or programs, yet there are many who succeed, rise up and get off. Before we judge people, try walking in their shoes?

The food stamp, healthcare and governmental system is no worse than the politicians and leaders that we select to serve us taking cutbacks, wasting taxpayers’ money on frivolous vacations, nonproductive meetings and filibustering in the government. Let’s work together America. Let’s get along, stop the blame game and come up with workable solutions to rid of waste in our cities, states and nation.

Rise up to the occasion, America! Look at us – it’s time to move on, stop the arguing and pursue to do the right thing so the USA will be a place to live where fairness abides.

Respect, compassion, kindness and love is needed to come to a workable solution along with prayer (for those who believe in it) and forgiveness for a nation caught in the valley of decision.

What now, AMERICA?

God Speed. God is blessing America.


Evangelist Teresa Harrell Moten

Way Ministries

Alexander City