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Defining the fight

Published 7:35pm Monday, October 28, 2013

Dear Editor,

As we watched the federal government “shut down” unfold, it seems to me that few are defining what the battle is really about. The changes that have occurred in our nation over the last 100 years have been astounding. Many were way past due, but some changes have taken root in our representative democracy that are fundamentally changing the people of our nation.

These changes began by being paved down a road with good intentions. Being a compassionate people, we knew it was right to have a safety net for the poor, the young, the old and the disabled. As the years have passed these programs grew and have now become an avenue for political power and control. Responsibilities have morphed into rights that too many feel that our government owes them. Self reliance and responsibility are being removed from our society and replaced with dependence on government.

We have political leaders wanting to “share the wealth”, creating one entitlement program after another, while at the same time, broadening the existing ones to include more and more people with more benefits. These program giveaways include many wealthy individuals as well as corporations, where they are given under the disguise of tax breaks and incentives, creating unfair rules based on political influence. These entitlements now threaten to bankrupt our nation, and enslave us to rules as government sees fit to make. The tenth amendment to our constitution has been repealed without vote, and affirmed by a misguided supreme court.

We now have a government that is spending much more than it takes in, issues debt for the difference, and has another part of unelected government buying up that debt [the federal reserve]. Do the words “ponzi scheme” ring a bell? Our government is led by an elitist, arrogant group where anyone who questions or disagrees with there policies is accused of being ignorant, without compassion, bigoted or racist.

What has happened? Where was it that compassionate safety nets turned into full blown socialism. It has grown like a cancer, not realizing its presents until making us sick.

Yes, the fight is over the size, scope and intrusiveness of government over our lives, including state and local government. Is the european socialist model where we are heading or is there still a chance to make a stand to halt the “progressive” socialist agenda?

Maybe, or perhaps not.


Ted Harrell

Alexander City