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What have you done lately?

Published 11:19pm Friday, October 25, 2013

Dear Editor,
Wow, those were a couple of editorial comments by the Baird boys in the Outlook on October 22, 2013. First, I would like to ask Mr. Buddy, in his opinion, just who is a Christian?
Does he consider Catholics, Presbyterians, Mormons, etc. Christians, or are just the members of his senior adult Bible study group Christians?
I would strongly encourage him to reread with an open and loving heart, John 14:2-3. I would also recommend he revisit Luke 18:11-14 or Matthew 6:1.
Now for Mr. Woody, seldom do I read anyone who paints with a broader brush.
I think he is the male Republican version of Cynthia Tucker. His letter is full of truths, half-truths, and very broad, sweeping innuendos.
I am a liberal/moderate Republican whom he lumps in with those devil horned Democrats and by inference, all of us are anti-God, country and motherhood and just plain evil.
I agree that this country is broken and on the road to ruin if we don’t change and that entitlement programs (also known as legalized vote buying) are the primary cause of our problems. I also am thoroughly disgusted by the so-called government shutdown. I believe both parties played political football at the expense of the American people.
Who is acting in our best interest? Not Congress or the President. Recently, both George Will and Thomas Sowell (two of my favorite columnists) wrote  about the bankruptcy of Detroit and the emergency manager Kevin Orr.
Mr. Will went so far as to call Mr. Orr a yellow dog Democrat. Both went on to praise Mr. Orr’s efforts to curb the excesses, especially the entitlement programs of Detroit.
My point is that neither Republican nor Democrat are the sole source of our financial problems, and sometimes both sides have good solutions. Both parties must work together. With all due respect and admiration to the American Special Forces in Vietnam, I believe De Oppresso Liber is topped by E Pluribus Unum.
Mr. Woody, if someone other than a card carrying member of NRA wanted to buy a gun, would you sell them a weapon? I think so — money talks.
Oh, on your parting shot at Dick Bronson. Over the last fifteen years, I have lived in  Alexander City. I have read numerous articles on various projects the Bronsons have worked on to the benefit of the community and state—from water quality, to school involvement, to hospice, food programs, etc. What have you done besides walk around town with a gun on  your hip?

David French
Alexander City