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Knocking on wood

Published 11:21pm Friday, October 25, 2013

I’m going out on a limb here, and I know it; way out on a limb.
A couple of weeks ago, I went on a fishing trip with my son James and my old friend Jim Morgan. We went to Pulaski, N.Y., and used fly rods to pull huge king salmon and steelheads out of the Salmon River.
The night before we started fishing, I was telling a story and for some crazy, whacked-out, unthinking reason, I made a simple statement that went something like this: “I usually catch more fish than the folks I fish with …”
The instant I said it aloud, I knew it was doomed.
But by then, I had already said it.
And I wasn’t trying to brag. It was an innocent enough comment, uttered to establish a baseline to tell the story about a guy who caught a bunch more fish than me.
But innocent or not, I verbally called down the slow, steady wrath of the fishing gods.
On Day 1, I came in second. On Day 2, I was the third most successful fisherman of the three of us.
By the afternoon of Day 3, I was fishless, and I knew the jinx was on. Near the end of our last day, I did hook and land a huge salmon.
But it was the only bite I had after six constant hours of casting.
So it is with great reluctance and a humble wince that I go out on a limb today to discuss the joys of a winning football season.
We Alexander City residents are experiencing “The Good Old Days.”
A golden era. A time when the Wildcats, the Tigers and the Crimson Tide are hitting on all eight cylinders.
I just knocked on wood.
And finally this week, the weather is cold and clear and feels like a proper football season. I just knocked on wood again.
I’m not sure why I knocked on my wooden desktop. I think it has something to do with black cats and the Druid spirits that live in oak trees and settling the powder in a muzzle-loader. But a guy who’s just been jinxed can’t be too careful.
Anyway, I’m walking the razor-edge of superstition, tempting fate and trying hard to be humble because I think it’s important to communicate that all of us to be grateful for a wonderful, glorious 2013 football season.
Notice that I haven’t actually said this aloud, I’ve just typed it.
I know we have some Georgia fans, and some Florida fans … and there may even be a closet L.S.U. fan or two living Alexander City somewhere. But the vast majority of us are fans of teams that are winning and winning big.
The undefeated Crimson Tide is dismantling its SEC opponents, getting stronger each week, and appears to be on a bee-line to the national championship game.
The Auburn Tigers just made believers out of the nation by putting the Texas A&M Aggies in their place.
Who can forget the image of Johnny Football sitting on the field, hanging his head at the end of last week’s signature win?
And the BRHS Wildcats have whipped their 5A regional opponents by a combined score of 304-53. Wow!
I know I’m writing this on Friday and the ‘Cats will face their toughest 5A challenge of the season so far against Eufaula tonight.
But I also know that coach Danny Horn and the Wildcats are a very, very good football team, and I have deep faith in our squad’s ability to keep on winning.I just knocked on wood again. Twice.
Boone is publisher of The Outlook.

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