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Wrestling with a pig

Published 7:14pm Thursday, October 24, 2013

Dear Editor,
Something I learned a long time ago was if you decide to wrestle with a pig, both of you are going to get covered with crap, but the pig enjoys it. Arguing with Dick Bronson is like wrestling with a pig. Mr. Bronson was a conventional soldier, which prohibits him from being able to think in anything other than conventional terms. I was trained in unconventional warfare. I was trained to use independent thought and not to be a mindless drone.
What Mr. Bronson indicates in his editorial directed at me, is if the President of the United States ordered him – while in uniform or not in uniform to fire on civilians – he would implicitly do so without further thought. Mr. Bronson, in typical liberal fashion, uses only the parts of the Universal Code of Military Justice to suit his opinion. Maybe you need a little more than a cursory read of UCMJ.  Article 92 deals with lawful and unlawful orders. Any order contrary to the Constitution of the United States  is to be considered an unlawful order. Therefore, anyone subverting the Constitution deserves no respect and is not to be obeyed. Mr. Bronson, if you are the good soldier you claim to be, how could you possibly have any respect for someone who would use the DEAD BODIES of our fallen comrades as political fodder!!
This action alone, not counting all the other failures your esteemed president has executed, is totally reprehensible. Your president had no respect what so ever for the families and soldiers who gave their lives for the Constitution, so tell me why I should respect Barack Hussein Obama? Being a conventional soldier you probably won’t understand this, but I will give you a chance. You need to get you head out of your fourth point of contact.
Oh, by the way NEWS FLASH!! The Obama care website is still dysfunctional. After Six hundred and seventy three million dollars on a project that  supposed  to cost ninety million dollars and  the tax payers are still being cheated. Just exactly how much money was funneled to Obama’s  buddies for a system that will never work is yet to be determined. I have to agree with Ms. Moten. I think all the evil wicked people in Washington need to be sent packing. So let’s start with the Democrats and then move on to the RINO’s like Spencer Bachus, Mitch McConnell and John Boehner.

Woody Baird
De Oppresso Liber

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