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A fractured leadership

Published 8:20pm Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Today, we must really pray for our leaders and this nation. It the United States does not get its priorities together, we will lose the respect that our country was built upon.
There were times in history when other countries in crisis situations needed someone to look up or receive guidance, they would rely on the good old U.S.A.
Somewhere, we the brave and free U.S.A. do not seem to have solutions to aid each other in the U.S.A. and are helpless to provide sound guidance or assistance to other countries.
We are broke with trillions in debt, indebted to others, morally bankrupt in many of our states, unwilling to forgive and unwilling to work together.
Our justice system in the U.S.A. was supposed to be equal and be the guide to have fair representation for everyone, yet justice has not prevailed for many citizens.
Leaders were answering the call to serve our country because they felt the moral duty to do so. However, today many elected leaders voted into offices are having to come together for the good of all fellow Americans and mankind.
Presidents elected to serve and other servants for the American people were respected better and we, the people of U.S.A. would show dignity to them even when disagreements came about.
Local and national leaders were able to hash out their differences without having to berate, get hostile or force shutdown to demand that others go along with programs or with the powerful, who cared little about the rights and health of others.
I remember when a president or public official’s name was announced or introduced at a gathering, a genuine respect was shown for the person in office. However, today we the people of a more perfect union must get back to respecting people whom God has allowed to have authority over us, even if we dislike or disagree with their decisions.
Psalms 82 tells us that “God stands in the congregation of the might and judgeth among the gods.” There is none more powerful than God, so we need to get our focus and priorities back in order.
For more than 200 years, we have elected and appointed leaders and for more  than 200 years, no leader has made the United States come out of every situation.
Yes, we have had leaders who cared for the people and worked toward a better union for all. However, we as Americans in this year of 2013 need to realize that God is watching over everyone whether we accept and believe the facts or not.
The question is asked in Psalm 82 “How long will you judge unjustly and accept the person of the wicked? Selah.” Defend the poor and fatherless, do justice to the afflicted and needy, rid them out of the hands of the wicked.”
This is what we need God to do for the U.S.A. when a government is willing to shut down and still get paid while at the same the same time refusing to pay American people, we have a serious problem.
Leaders, how do you sleep at night knowing that because you can’t come to term with issues regarding what’s important or not important to help our economy and save our people form poverty, health issues and other distresses? Also, you are punishing those hard workers, who strive to be good employees and need to work to support their families.
When you lie down, I hope you all are praying that the wrath of God doesn’t come and God has to arise and be the ultimate judge for America, since he has given you changes to do right by the American people.
Why run for office if you can’t agree to disagree with policies and procedures without causing havoc to the American people?
We voted you in and if your concerns are not for the American people, then we need to vote you out and get leaders with a heart to help all citizens and not just a few elite or congress, House of Representative or Senate.
Let’s wise up, get real about our nation. America, do we really love our country or have we gotten so selfish that we’ll sell out for a few dollars, power, prestige or control?
I pray for God to have mercy on the U.S.A. and help us to gain pride and love for all mankind.
Whatever happened to the slogan, “Give me your tired, poor and downtrodden?” No one should be left behind and no one should think they’re better because they have more material goods.
After all, whether rich or poor, if you don’t care about others and love, you are wicked and fooling yourself. So, let’s work together for all and succeed as a great nation.
God Bless. God have mercy on U.S.A. God restore us.
Moten is a guest columnist for The Outlook.