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The people want their money back

Published 5:35pm Monday, October 21, 2013

Dear Editor,
I’d like to address a couple of things Mr. Billy Sellers said.
First of all, the government that you and Mr. Ted Cruz are trying to save, that is the government “we the people” are trying to change. You see, we want a government that is going to work for everyone, not just a few.
I know you all look over HeadStart like it shouldn’t exist, but it does exist and it “works.”
Yes, they close some of them and won’t let some parents register their children in the program. You all can’t say the same of all HeadStarts because you don’t believe in it because it helps the middle class.
Secondly, it was your party, the Tea Party, that shut the government down, and the rest of the party went alone. They know they are stuck, and who do they blame? President Obama and the Democrats for closed parks, layoffs and furloughs.
The people see your party more clearly now than ever.
I don’t know you, Mr. Sellers, but I hope and pray that you are not the children’s pediatrician Dr. Billy Sellers, because parents have trusted in their children’s doctors to care for their little one.
And to know that you have a problem with government assistance … I want you to know because you don’t know my story.
I have worked all my life, and it is the reason why I am against your one-sided government.
Everyone won’t make it in this world.  In order for that to happen, it is to elect people that will be willing to use common sense and pass legislation, not go to Washington and sell the American people out for millionaires and billionaires but to fight for the people that sent them up there.
And for those who voted that shut the people’s house down, the people want their money back … all of it.
They don’t work for us.
We want everything back. You said you have had enough, and you are not going to take it anymore.
Well the people feel the same way. We will no longer help the people that have sold the American people out.
We will not be beholden to them anymore.
Arlean Wyckoff
Alexander City