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Is the SEC as good as we think it is?

Published 5:39pm Monday, October 21, 2013

The only thing wackier than The Outlook having a front page story about a man being charged with … ummm … “self-gratification” while riding down Highway 280  last week was Saturday’s college football games in the SEC (OK, OK, maybe the other story was crazier … and it was dang sure funnier!).
Georgia, LSU, South Carolina, Florida and Texas A&M were all ranked and all favored. They also all lost.
Meanwhile, it looks like the best three teams in the SEC are Alabama, Missouri and Auburn.
The Tide’s position is no shocker, but according to my calculations you would be worth eleventy billion dollars had you bet 50 cents that those sets of Tigers would be right on Big Al’s tail.
With the aforementioned five teams all failing like phone service in Alex City (HOW DO ALL OF THE PHONES GO OUT ON EVERY CARRIER AT THE SAME TIME!?!), I have to ask: Is the SEC as good as we all think it is?
Certainly Alabama can beat anyone put in front of them. Missouri and Auburn are both incredibly improved and possible national threats.
But after that, what exactly has this league proven in 2013?
Tennessee was waxed like a vintage Corvette by Oregon.
A completely healthy Georgia lost to a Clemson team that was mud-holed by Florida State.
The SEC’s best non-conference win may be Alabama’s opening day defeat of a pedestrian Virginia Tech.
That’s not exactly the resume` that gets rave reviews on
I suppose the argument could be made that more parity in the league equates to a stronger conference. I just don’t buy that argument based on the eye test.
Injuries or not, Georgia has lived on borrowed time until Vandy made the margin call.
South Carolina was fortunate to escape Central Florida. LSU has looked good at times, but in my opinion they are getting what they deserve since they allowed Jeremy Hill back on the team.
Texas A&M and Florida are the real unpleasant surprises.
It would be great if those two could pull a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup moment. “Hey, you got your offense with my defense! Well, you got your defense with my offense!”
A hybrid team with a Manziel-helmed O and a Vernon Hargraves-led D would be formidable fo’ sho’.
As it stands though, Florida has an offense envious of a Nebraskan battleship. I have seen more offensive firepower at an underwater pyrotechnics show.
And Texas A&M has a defense with more holes than an empty graveyard full of hungry armadillos. The Aggies couldn’t stop Rush Limbaugh from signing up for Obamacare.
On top of the issues of some of the preseason favorites, I assume we all agree that Missouri is a paper tiger at best.
Mizzou deserves credit for being undefeated, but do they really scare anyone they could possibly meet in the SEC title game?
Therefore, the SEC’s best two shots at keeping the crystal trophy streak alive are Alabama and … Auburn (your Iron Bowl tickets to be listed on eBay in 3 … 2 … 1 …)?
It may not wind up this way (and if last Saturday is any indication it most likely will not), but the AU/ UA rivalry may mean more than it has in years at this current pace.
For the SEC’s sake, it better.
Robinson is a sports columnist for The Outlook.