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Fact or fiction

Published 6:30pm Monday, October 21, 2013

Dear Editor,
I think most of the readers of this column can tell the difference between fact and fiction, but some of the contributors cannot. There are two facts you can always count on when dealing with Democrats and liberals. They will never allow the truth or facts to stand in the way of their message or agenda and when pressed to respond will pull the race card.  These two facts are inevitable. Now let’s talk about fiction. The government was never shut down. Employees were sent home on what has amounted to a paid vacation. All back pay will be paid, and to top it off all those government employees got a 1 percent raise. All services were provided.
The NICS background check system my business relies on never stopped, and we sold MSRs – otherwise known by Democrats and liberals as ASSAULT weapons and high capacity magazine handguns – continually through the whole shutdown.  Fact: our government was not going to default as promised by the Democrats.
Why was it that the President threatened to cut off payment to social security, veterans and Medicaid but didn’t threaten to cut off free cell phones, EBT cards or any of the entitlement programs? Let me give you an analogy to explain  the debt fiasco. Our country is broke. We have maxed out all our credit cards, and the stupid Congress just gave us a brand new credit card to continue to party on. Barack Hussein Obama, Barry Soetoro or whatever he wants to call himself will go down in history as the worst president this country EVER had.
In my military I swore an oath to the Constitution of the United States of America, not the president. I only give respect where respect is earned. There is nothing respectable about Barack Hussein Obama.
Oh, and another fact: the Obamacare website is still dysfunctional. Fact: 90 million tax dollars were allocated to start the Obamacare website. 500 million tax dollars later, the system still fails to function. The citizens of this country would have been much better off if that money had been paid directly into Medicaid.
We as citizens deserve better. Anyone who believes Barack Hussein Obama is doing a good job is living a fictional existence.
Dick Bronson falls into this category. My advice to the citizens of this country is don’t be a Bronson – know what is right. Learn the facts. Stick with the truth. Be on the winning team because in the end GOD will win.
Woody Baird  
De Opresso Liber