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ATRIP road patching, paving resumes

Published 8:26pm Thursday, October 17, 2013

Drivers along Coley Creek, Sunny Level Cutoff and Scott Road may experience some delays starting next week, as the city will be completing some work as part of round one of ATRIP funds.
City engineer Gerard Brewer said that the city is on the backside of getting the remainder of the work done for the project. Starting Oct. 23, crews will move in to resume work.
“Round one of ATRIP grants covered rehabilitation of those three roads,” Brewer said. “It involves a lot of patching and leveling, and then the overlays will come.”
Brewer said he doesn’t expect all of the project completed during this paving season.
“I think we will get all of it patched and leveled and a little of the paving on Scott Road done then the weather will shut us down.”
Brewer said that when forecasts start dipping into the 40s, paving becomes futile.
The city recently was awarded $5.8 million in funds for round three of ATRIP, which has yet to be let and had design work performed.
Brewer said that while ATRIP has gone a long way to improve roads and bridges in Alabama, it has caused a bit of a kink when it comes to getting projects completed.
“There are two things going on here. All these ATRIP projects are hitting at the same time, but we aren’t getting any more contractors,” Brewer said. “Also, on the supply chain, contractors can’t get aggregate, and the tar isn’t rolling in fast enough.”
With this in mind and colder days in sight, Brewer said he expects to only get one of two layers down on Scott Road.
“There are two main layers of asphalt that will go on each road – one is a 2-inch binder layer with big rocks in it that is load bearing,  and then the other is the 1-inch wearing surface on top that gives you the smooth ride,” Brewer said.  “We will probably get the binder layer on Scott Road, but I am afraid it will be until next year before we get the wearing surface on and the pacing completed on the other roads.”
Brewer said none of the roads will be completely closed during the project. Drivers should use caution, he said, and choose and alternate route if possible.

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