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A story of hope

Published 6:38pm Monday, October 14, 2013

Dear Editor,

October is Breast Cancer Awareness month. Let me tell you a story about my daughter, a pretty little girl who, as a young woman of 30 years, found her breast cancer by herself in 2004. It did not show in her mammogram or ultrasound. She was a RN and a RVT (registered vascular tech), so she tried to find it herself and could not!
She had a needle biopsy, doctors tagged it and with that, she was ready to attack! After chemotherapy and surgery, while still working her job, the doctors thought they had gotten all the cancer! Then, in 2006, it was back in full force! The cancer was found in her lungs, some of her bones and lymph nodes in her neck as well as causing her constant pain! Between 2006 and 2011, she had so many rounds of chemo, radiation treatments and surgeries, I lost count.
She fought so positively, so strongly, and always dressed up to go to her treatments. I asked her why she dressed up so much. She said, “I wanted people to know that just because one has cancer, one does not have to look bad! Besides, when I look good, I feel good!” She has so many good friends in Dothan where she worked.
In 2008, they helped with her idea of starting an annual cancer walk/run! It was named “Champions of Hope.” All of the money stays local (Dothan) and helps a great number of cancer patients.
This brave woman lost her WAR with cancer on November 23, 2011. In 2012, the walk/run was permanently renamed “The Sandi McCool – Champions of Hope” cancer walk/run.
This year (2013), it will start on October 18 with a pre-event supper, with the race following on the next day (October 19). This event gets larger each year. Sandi would be so proud!
All of the Thurmans, the McCools, and her firends are so very proud of Sandi, and we feel blessed for her years with us!
For anyone interested in the walk/run, the website is

Written with love,
Sandi Thurman McCool’s mother, Joyce Thurman