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‘We are not going to take it anymore’

Published 12:01am Saturday, October 12, 2013

Dear Editor,

Like many citizens of Alex City and readers of the Outlook, I have endured Ms. Wyckoff’s epistles in silence. Out of respect for her right to speak out and exercise her 1st amendment rights many of us have read her vitriol and gritted our teeth.

Her latest diatribe on the “government shutdown” in which she says that “our little children can’t go to school”, that Ted Cruz has led the Republican Party to the slaughterhouse, and that these are things that “ God tells us not to do” has gone beyond the pale.

Our country is at a crossroads at which those people who are responsible, who are providing for the sustenance of our economy, and who are working to support themselves and their families are being outnumbered by those who would mortgage our heritage and the future of our children for short term political gains and power grabs. I would encourage Ms. Wyckoff and any who agree with her philosophy to read the biblical “parable of the talents.”

It seems simple logic to me that if we do not have a viable economy, we cannot financially support our system of government and our way of life. Our county has thrived on a capitalistic economic system for over 200 years. The shift toward a socialistic system is threatening our entire support system and may destroy our great civilization. Ted Cruz and “the tea party” are desperately fighting to maintain the capitalistic principles of our economy. This system is not one which allows dependency and irresponsibility, but it is based on individual responsibility and is what has sustained us until now. I heard today that we have added 2 times the amount of our national productivity as debt in the past 2 years. Those of you who have families and work for a living know that this is an unrealistic and irresponsible system of finance.

Those of you who don’t work for a living and who receive multiple financial support from federal assistance probably don’t really care about this. You should, because the money source for your benefits is not infinite. Those of us who are supporting you are tired and unhappy about the inequity of this system. We are not willing to support you anymore. We expect you to support yourselves.

“We are mad as h*ll, and we are not going to take it anymore.”

Billy Sellers

  • Char Aznable

    Thank You! I dread reading those hate filled letters that always seem to be signed with the Wyckoff name. It’s always either finger pointing, or heavily laced with insinuations of racism. I also hate it when people try to push their political agenda by using children.