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Foshee Service Station bought by former ACPD police captain

Published 6:32pm Thursday, October 10, 2013

Foshee Service Station has a new owner, but customers shouldn’t expect many changes.

Greg Pike, former police captain of 15 years with the Alexander City Police Department, recently purchased the Alexander City landmark after learning the former owners were looking to retire.

The business, located at the corner of Franklin Street and Tallapoosa Street, was built in 1969.

“It is a well-known, established buisness,” Pike said. “The opportunity came up, and I jumped on it.”

Pike said he will continue the same services the gas station has been known for, with the addition of a few things the former owners had gotten away from as they neared retirement.

“The only think I have done different is I am going to start selling gas again and washing cars,” Pike said.

Pike said he also plans on continuing to offer both full-service and self-service gas pumps, and that the station still won’t allow ladies to pump their own gas.

“Foshee’s catered to the senior citizens, and that is something I will continue doing,” Pike said.

With his policing days in his past, Pike said there will be a few aspects he misses though he admits “it’s a whole lot less stressful down here.”

Jimmy Foshee will be staying around for a little while to help show Pike the finer points of owning a service station, after which he will hire someone to help him run the shop.

“The name stays the same – the number is the same,” Pike said. “It is a tradition that I intend to carry on.”