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Meals on Wheels feeds homebound citizens in need

Published 5:48pm Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Bringing meals to those who cannot produce for themselves, Meals on Wheels is a United Way agency that is all about providing for the community.

Meals on Wheels has 70 clients in Alexander City that it provides meals for Monday through Friday for $3 a meal.

Linda Boone, director of Meals on Wheels, said the program is all about serving those who cannot serve themselves.

“We deliver meals to homebound individuals that are physically or mentally unable to prepare meals for themselves, and there’s no one in the home that can do it for them,” Boone said. “The criteria for receiving Meals on Wheels is that you live in the city limits of Alexander City.”

Meals on Wheels provides 16,000 meals a year to clients in Alexander City, with an emphasis on providing a good diet.

“It is a wonderful service. It helps individuals be able to remain in their own home a little bit longer. And it’s a good, balanced diet, which is so important, especially for people who may be elderly or sick,” Boone said. “Eating a balanced diet is really needed to feel the best that you can feel.”

Meals on Wheels operates out of Russell Medical Center, which helps in ensuring a healthy meal is provided to clients.

“Our meals are governed by a dietitian at Russell Medical Center,” Boone said. “If the doctor orders a specific diet for a diabetic, someone on dialysis or something like that, then we honor that diet.”

Boone said the Lake Martin Area United Way is essential in helping provide for Meals on Wheels clients.

“Several of our clients are unable to afford to receive Meals on Wheels, and that’s where the United Way comes in,” Boone said. “They provide us with the money to supplement that cost so that these individuals can go ahead and receive Meals on Wheels. We couldn’t exist without it. It’s really big helping us provide a lot of individuals in Alexander City that otherwise may not be eating properly or enough.