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Obama not to blame for shutdown

Published 5:16pm Friday, October 4, 2013

Dear Editor,
It was great to see Congressman Rogers side by side with Honorable President Barack Hussein Obama in the Tallapoosa newspaper.
The last time the papers showed our papers showed our president on the front page was when he was elected for office and headlines let us know that he was not the choice for county. Mr. Mitt Romney was. It’s also great to see our president in his rare form – looking like himself – because this is the only picture I can recall him looking like a real human being without the Outlook publishing him in the paper where cartoonist mocked and demeaned him with big ears, a big head or nose. Read headlines people!
The government shutdown 17 times since 1977 for two days at most. The longest shutdown was in 1995.
It lasted 21 days and guess what? President Obama didn’t do it!

Teresa Harrell Moten
Alexander City