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God is still working miracles

Published 6:36pm Monday, September 30, 2013

Dear Editor,
Last Sunday evening, I went to a program out there at Miracle Baptist Church sponsored by Sistas for Cause in honor of Mr. Douglas Fletcher’s father, who has sickle cell. Two young ladies spoke on sickle cell.
One said it causes a lot of pain, and it is curable by bone marrow. The other one said she had the trait, and it was manageable. I was glad to hear there has been some progress over the years. My best friend Jeannette Moss died from this disease. Back in her ‘60s and ‘80s, it was awful for her. I spent many nights at hospitals rubbing her back and legs.
She would be in such severe pain that when they would give her a pain shot she would dose off to sleep for a few minutes and wake back up crying. So many times I heard her beg the Lord to take her.
And when I heard the young lady with the sickle cell trait say it is manageable, it made me feel good to know that scientists have gotten a hold on this disease to keep people from going into a crisis.
When Jeannette had a hard time, they would give her pain medicine every four hours back then.
I’m very happy there is hope for this disease. May God keep blessing Mr. Fletcher, and we’ll keep praying for a cure.

Arlean Wyckoff
Alexander City