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We can’t ignore cries of hunger

Published 11:23pm Friday, September 27, 2013

Dear Editor,
Do you know the man from Galilee?  The man that walked out on the water and calmed the raging sea? Do you know him as Mary’s baby? They call this man Jesus.
There are a lot of people that know the name but don’t know him. Those that do you can tell them by the fruits of their labor. We live in a state that is ranked second largest state in hunger, and we have an elected official vote to cut $40 billion from the Nutrition Assistance Program known food stamps.
We need to feed the hungry. They call these people lazy and say they wont work. Do the math people and look for your self. God’s light is going to shine after a while, and it is going to shine so bright the people will be able to see him through us.
This state is tired of being labeled second in hunger. We will bring the change alone with changing the language in the Alabama constitution that calls for separated schools for white and black children.
The children are our future. It took the children at the University of Alabama to show the board members discrimination that is the power of God moving in the right way.
There is no more going backward. The American people are moving forward. We will feed the hungry, and we will bring healing to the sick thanks to ObamaCare.
We shouldn’t have to fight for health care for the poor. All the people should already have it. When you look at our elected officials in Washington they have the best of everything, including airplane travel.
They are not going to cut that, you see. They put the money back in it and cut the Food Stamp program.
God knows the children  – he knows them by name.
Some will call his name and get no answer. I don’t want to be one of them.
Arlean Wyckoff
Alexander City