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Our children need our focus

Published 11:09am Thursday, September 26, 2013

Dear Editor,
Parents, let’s stop and focus on the children. Let’s get involved, people. The Internet is targeting our precious little ones. I’m glad Lt. Bill Hough felt the need to do something, but he can’t do it alone, people.
We have to get involved.
Don’t wait until some predator has abducted one of our children. We want to keep them all safe.
Parents, we have to make time for our children. Show them that we care, drop by their schools and talk to their teachers. Go to their games and support them. These children are our future.
They need all of us to show up for them. They are important to us and they matter. We want them to be safe and I’m glad to know we have someone powerful watching over our precious angels because we can’t trust who is on the other end.
So parents, let’s stay focused and stay engaged because there is danger when we look away.

Arlean Wyckoff