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City working on pre-trial diversion program

Published 11:13am Thursday, September 26, 2013

Dadeville City Attorney Robin Reynolds told council members Tuesday that he has a rough draft of an ordinance creating a pre-trial diversion program in the city’s municipal court.

Reynolds said the program “gives the city more flexibility” for handling first-time offenders and those who’ve committed minor crimes without giving them a criminal record.

“This program allows the judge to tailor the punishment for a first-time offender,” he said.

The program also allows the city to keep more of the revenue in the form of fines and fees, Reynolds added, as the state court system retains much of the money paid in regular court cases.

“I’ve known a number of young folks who’ve gone through this,” Councilman Randy Foster said. “It opened their eyes, got their attention and really helped them out.”

Committee works on efforts to beautify Dadeville

A Dadeville resident reported Monday night on two separate efforts at making the city a more attractive place to live.

Raphord Farrington leads a committee working on ways to strengthen the city’s weed and nuisance ordinance. He said the committee, which was formed at last month’s meeting, has already met twice and is nearing a draft ordinance that would give the city more power to clean up unattractive properties.

“We’re encouraged that we have something that can be good for Dadeville,” he said. “We want it to benefit the community, but not be a hardship on anybody.”

Farrington said the committee could probably put together a draft of the amendments needed to the city’s weed ordinance to council members in the next week. Then, he said, it could be passed after a couple of meetings to give the council a chance to make suggestions.

He added that a public hearing would probably be in the city’s best interests, “to let the public know what you’re doing.”

“It may save you some problems down the road,” Farrington said, noting it should be part of a wider effort to educate the public on rules about the upkeep of private property.

Changing hats to discuss his efforts with Jerry McGukin to help  clear Dadeville’s streets and other areas of invasive plants, Farrington told council members that he and McGukin planned to start spraying some new herbicide mixtures Wednesday morning.

“Probably in the next two weeks you start to see some improvements,” he said.