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City and school mull football game parking fees as fundraiser

Published 11:23am Thursday, September 26, 2013

At many of the schools the Dadeville football teams will visit this year, Tiger fans will be asked to pay a few dollars for parking.

It’s a great way for the different clubs and extracurricular activities to raise money for the year’s programs. But most of the cars that bring fans to pack Tiger Stadium for home games do so free of charge.

“We’ve talked about it numerous times,” Dadeville High Principal Chris Hand said. “I think it’s a great idea, but with the way our stadium is laid out, it’s a lot more complicated.”

Police Chief David E. Barbour mentioned the problem at a city council meeting last year. He explained how the football stadium, bordered by East Columbus, Whatley, Bobo and Legion streets, didn’t leave many ways for students to charge for parking without shutting down one or more of them.

“What they’d like to do is pretty difficult to do,” Barbour said.

Hand said the sheer number of volunteers or law enforcement needed to shut down the streets would also be problematic. He also said more adults would be needed to take up the parking money.

“We wouldn’t want the kids being responsible for the money,” Hand said. “I’ve heard from other systems that have had some trouble with that.”

It would be a great benefit to many of the school’s clubs. he said, such as the Beta Club and Key Club. It would also be a great fundraiser for the “non-revenue” sports at the school, such as cross-country, volleyball and track.

The only paid parking at Dadeville football games is across from Tiger Stadium, manned by the Lion’s Club as a fundraiser.